Become a Pilot

Get ready to soar with the best flight-training organization in the Middle East. More pilots come to Beirut Wings (FTO) to get their wings than any other flight school in the region. Beirut Wings will prepare you for your pilot’s license in every way, from learning all about the laws of physics that keep you aloft, to taking your first flight, and your pilot’s exam all the way to regular solo flying as a licensed pilot.


Learn from the best

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Student pilots choose to fly at Beirut Wings because we offer the best in flight training. The single-most important reason this is true is because we share your passion. Beirut Wings’ fleet of instructional single-engine aircraft was specifically designed to take you from student to pilot, from ground to sky. The Cessna aircraft you learn to fly in will feature an all-glass, advanced cockpit with a Garmin G1000 flight deck. This technology simplifies your job as a pilot and makes learning much more intuitive.

The Beirut Wings flight training system produces well-trained pilots, our scenario-based interactive instruction programs work cooperatively with your actual flight experience, allowing you to prepare for your next training flight before you even take off.
An additional advantage to Beirut Wings flight training is that our students earn their wings about 30 percent faster than any other school in the middle east. We’ll get you where you want to go faster and safer than any other flight instruction programs out there.


Ready to start flying?

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Beirut Wings Flight Training Organization provides a comprehensive pilot training program that grants internationally approved and recognized pilot licenses, ranging from Private to Commercial license, with multiple ratings.

Enroll in our private or professional pilot course to get started.