Instrument Proficiency Check

Instrument Proficiency Check- Break-up:

Type of Training (Ground) Hours
Flight Briefings (Pre-post briefings) 1
Ground Refresher Course 2
Total Ground 3
Type of Training (Flight) Hours
Aircraft – Dual 2
Total Flight 2


Instrument Rating Renewal – Cessna 172S

Fees Break-up Hours Price/Hour(USD) Total(USD)
Flight Training Material 300
Ground Refresher Course 2.0 100 200
Aircraft – Dual 2.0 400 800
Pre/Post Briefings 1.0 100 100
Flight Test 1.0 325 325
LCAA Examiner Fees 300
Instrument Proficiency Check Fees 500
Total Fees 2525

Additional Costs

Fees Break-up Price/Hour (USD)
Hourly rate for additional flight instruction in a C172S 400
Hourly rate for additional ground instruction (one-on-one) 100
Hourly rate for additional pre-post flight briefings 100


  • The hours provided for the Tuition above are the minimum course requirement. According to the overall performance and progress of the pilot additional instruction may be required to meet the proficiency standards required to satisfactorily complete the Instrument Proficiency Check. The number of additional hours will be determined by the Flight Instructor.
  • The Fees may be adjusted without prior notice by Beirut Wings management in the event of unforeseen cost escalation, including but not limited to, rapidly rising fuel costs or increased aircraft flying costs.
  • Flight Training Material cost is based on mandatory items needed to complete the course.